Principal Message

Meriwether Principal Leila Davis

After the excitement and joy of our first couple of weeks back in school, students, staff, and families have begun to settle into our new routines and rebuild the in-person relationships that we missed so much. It’s an exciting time, but also a busy time! 

Supporting Academic Success

Attendance: We are proud to have reopened our classrooms to students, and it has been wonderful to see the joy in our school as students reunite with their teachers and classmates. The classroom is a better place when your child is in-person and at school. Research shows that attending in person makes a huge difference in student learning and their social and emotional well-being. If your child is feeling well, please make every effort to make sure they get to school each day. 

Every Student, Every Day: Schools must take attendance every day to account for the presence or absence of every student. If your child is absent, please be sure to send communication to your child’s teacher that day by phone call or email. We know that getting to school every day isn’t always easy. We are here to support you and are in this together. 

Computers Charged and Ready: Each day our students are utilizing applications such as Zearn and Freckle in the classroom and/or taking assessments with their computers.  It is critically important that your child is bringing their devices to school each day charged and ready to go.  Please let us know if you need any assistance with this, our Technology teacher, Mrs. Cromwell, is always here to help. 

Personal Electronics are put, put away for Learning every day: As we are taking assessment and learning throughout the day. CPSD Policy 3245 states that devices should be turned on and operated ONLY before and after the regular school day.  This means that during our school day, devices should be OFF and put away in backpacks.  We ask for your help with this process so that we are not having the learning environment interrupted during the school day.  If you need to speak or leave a message for your student, please call the main office or email the teacher.  This is much appreciated! 

We are here to support our families and students, please reach out if you have concerns or questions!  Our teachers are willing to help in any situation and we have many resources available to support our students. 

Happy Fall! Regards, 

Leila Davis
Meriwether Principal